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The Coding Community

In the Future Skill Coding Community, there are several types of activities that members can take part in to practice and improve their coding skills. The following sections describe the Exercise, Challenge, Tournament and Freecode activities. It is also possible to create your own implementations for others, as described at the bottom of this page. But first, the coding Editor should be introduced.

The Editor

When performing one of the activities mentioned above, the Future Skill coding Editor is used. The Editor consists of four main sections as seen in the image below. On the top left side is a description of the current activity, and below it there is usually some graphical output using a canvas element. On the top right side is the solution section where the programmer writes their solution code, and below it there is a console and score section where the output from running the solution code is shown.

The Editor supports a number of programming languages. While programmers are free to choose which language to write their solution code in, it is encouraged to try different ones. In fact, solving a task in multiple languages is usually rewarded with achievements and experience points.

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An Exercise is usually aimed at introducing programming concepts or to solve for fun and to challenge yourself. Exercises have levels and in order to complete an exercise, all levels must be solved. Completing an exercise is often rewarded with achievements and experience points.

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In a Challenge, a competitor can create a solution for a specific problem that will then be evaluated and added to a highscore ladder where community members can compete against each other for the top position. Submitting a solution and achieving impressive highscores are rewarded with achievements and experience points.

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Tournament is a special version of a Challenge. In Tournaments, a submitted solution is run against solutions from several different programmers. Each night, a tournament takes place where code from participating programmers compete with others in multiple matches. When the tournament is finished, each solution receives an ELO-rating and an updated placement in the highscore ladder.

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In Freecodes, the programmer is free to do whatever she or he wants to do. Since there is not a specific problem to be solved, a Freecode is not rewarded with any achievements or experience points.

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Create your own Challenges and Exercises!

On Future Skill it is possible to create your own Challenges, Exercises, and Freecodes! this is done with the Freecode creator that you can access from the create option.

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